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ExArcana: Memoriam

Lovecraft: Memoriam
In the Aftermath of a magical disaster, the Eldritch of New York return to their Chapter house to bury the dead, and wrap up some loose ends. As the stars above are blotted out by threats of extraplanar invasion, the last vestiges of of the city’s Bloodless must be cleansed. After all, Eldritch, one crisis at a time…

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to Dec 6

ExArcana: Retaliation

As the Nautilus makes it’s final run on Earth, the enemies of the Arcanum rally against the Houses that brought down Hexenhammer, crippled the Malleus Malleficarum, banished Inimicus and exposed the New Oathbreakers. They’re clamoring for revenge, and stars are right for one thing: destruction. Get your weapons ready and prepare for war. The very safety of the House of the Strange Aeon is in question.

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to Oct 4

ExArcana: Matriculation

Nerdy City Presents an Ex Arcana LARP event!

In the ashes of Hexenhammer’s defeat and the menace of ancient enemies returning, the House of the Strange Aeon’s star is rising. The Invisible College of the Arcanum, a venerable Cadre of professorial magisters and their non-human cohorts, have elected to come to New York to train the new guttersnipes (and refresh the Magisters) of this critical Chapterhouse in more Esoteric Schools of magic and the most secretive Cryptic Arts. In the much-needed lull between threats, it’s time to learn some new tricks. 

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2:00 PM14:00

ExArcana: Facade - Dexcon 2015

Nerdy City presents the excited conclusion of Volume I to the ExArcana: The Shadow Renaissance season, Facade!

Members of the House of the Strange Aeon as they attempt to infiltrate a hotel where the Hexenhammer corporation is holding a large shareholders meeting. The hotel is heavily fortified as members of the Arcanum attempt to find answers regarding the Wardenclyffe Parcel, the Inimicus threat unleashed at a Hexenhammer offshore site, and more!

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to Jun 21

ExArcana: Parlay

Nerdy City Presents an ExArcana LARP event: Parlay

$25.00. Must be 21 or over with a valid ID to attend.

Following the events of the Kings’ Assembly, the Arcanum has been on the offensive. The Shaitan has learned the name of the serial killer staking New York’s Tunnels, the dread butcher known as Cropsey. The Daevani prepare for a Goblyn Incursion. The Apothecarium and Tetragrammaton have learned many of Hexenhammer’s secrets. And a bold offensive into the heart of the Malleaus Malleficaum has yielded catastrophic results. Now it’s one final chance to re-convene and catch your breath before the explosive season finale at Dexcon’s Facade event.

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to Apr 19

ExArcana: Avalon - Imagine Nation Festival 2015

  • Imagine Nation Festival (map)
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Join us for the first Imagine Nation festival, hosted by the Imagine Nation Collective ( ), a group of creators and contributors of LARP games that have compiled an escape into the woods to run a few special games!

Here Nerdy City will have the pleasure of running a special event for ExArcana where we step foot into the Undine Outer Sphere and explore the realm of the Goblynkin and Elvenkin!

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to Mar 22

ExArcana: Tribunal

Being a Magician is dangerous. You may be a powerful new Guttersnipe or you may be a brilliant victorian Magister, but either way the forces of the ruthless Malleus Malleficarum have dogged you and your allies for months. You have no idea who they are or what they want, but this rival secret society has been assassinating key Magicians and relentlessly pursuing the Arcanum and it’s members. Recently, however, your order has finally captured some of their members for interrogation.They have hunted you from the shadows long enough.

It’s time for answers.

Tribunal begins at 6pm, March 21st at the Lovecraft Bar, 50 Avenue B, NYC, NY

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2:00 PM14:00

ExArcana: Tea & Spirits - Dreamation 2015

Nerdy City Presents an ExArcanaLARP Event:

Utilizing the Chronos System and featuring tea from Wanderlust Tea Co!

Their most powerful psychics couldn’t break it. 
Their phlogiston arc welders couldn’t cut it.
Their most powerful magics wouldn’t budge it.
After months of trying, the“Wardenclyffe Parcel” remains unopened. At the Morristown Touchstone, the Arcanum’s best and brightest must gather to learn the truth about the mysterious box and it’s Arcane Contents. How to do so? A Seance, of course, and and a proper Seance requires tea. The Magisters and Guttersnipes of the Arcanum invite you to a formal tea-time, replete with scones, biscuits, and the long-lost souls of the dead.

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to Nov 23

ExArcana: The Grand Bizarre

Greetings! You’re invited to join us in that opening of a new venue downtown. The Portal Room, recently unearthed after nearly a century locked away behind an innocuous East Village location, appears to be a Victorian-era speakeasy complete with some very strange accoutrements! Apparently it was some sort of haunted Magician’s retreat called “The House of the Outer Spheres.” and it is incredible. We will be celebrating with live music, tantalizing burlesque dancers, vendors of marvelous wares, a raffle with exotic prizes, and exotic drinks. We hope to see you there.


Welcome to the Grand Bizarre! This is the inaugural event for Nerdy City's run of ExArcana. ExArcana will be the first Skein (story world) of the Chronos: Universal LARP System, produced by Eschaton Media Productions. ExArcana is a fantastic LARP of Victorian steampunk magic and intrigue set in the current modern day.

$25 Cover

(The Chronos Core Deck and Book will also be available for sale at this event)


At this event, there will be no combat and you are not obligated to play the game in order to attend. However, there will be plot for those that wish to pursue it, and clues that will lead into further events. Should you wish to play, please join us on Facebook at ExArcana LARP.

Online pre-registration will open on October 31. You must be 21, and have ID in order to enter the event space. The event will include musical performances, wonderful vendors, burlesque acts, and aims to introduce the attendees to the feel and the world of ExArcana.


Any questions about the Grand Bizarre event may be addressed to

For vendor inquires, please contact





Cross the Threshold and enjoy.

This is a pre-release event using the Chronos Core; the official ExArcana Deck and Skein Book will be available for sale in January.

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10:00 AM10:00

Pacific Rim: Rise of Tiburon - Dexcon 2014

Nerdy City's first ever LARP event, based on the movie of the same name!

During the period of time between the loss of Gypsy Danger to the formation of the plan to attack the Breach from Hong Kong, the first Category 4 kaiju, Tiburon, attacks Seattle!
Help the Shatterbase Seattle prepare the newest Mark IV, Bedlam Armada, to defend the West Coast of the US from this colossal threat!

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