ExArcana: Tea & Spirits - Dreamation 2015

  • Dreamation 2015 3 Speedwell Avenue Morristown, NJ, 07960 United States

Nerdy City Presents an ExArcanaLARP Event:

Utilizing the Chronos System and featuring tea from Wanderlust Tea Co!

Their most powerful psychics couldn’t break it. 
Their phlogiston arc welders couldn’t cut it.
Their most powerful magics wouldn’t budge it.
After months of trying, the“Wardenclyffe Parcel” remains unopened. At the Morristown Touchstone, the Arcanum’s best and brightest must gather to learn the truth about the mysterious box and it’s Arcane Contents. How to do so? A Seance, of course, and and a proper Seance requires tea. The Magisters and Guttersnipes of the Arcanum invite you to a formal tea-time, replete with scones, biscuits, and the long-lost souls of the dead.