Star Wars: Ashes of Empire: Dreamation: A Star Wars CHRONOS LARP.

It’s been one year since the battle of Endor, and the rebellion has been gaining ground steadily since the Emperor’s death. The Rebellion’s leaders have decided that it is time to re-establish that cornerstone of the Republic: the Galactic Senate. Your ships have plotted astrogation charts for the Chandrilan System, where you and your allies will be deciding who will delegate for the various systems of the New Republic. However, there are various other elements that seek power as well. Without almighty Jabba to unite them the various gangs of the Outer Rim vie for power- The Ohnaka Pirates, the Guavian Death Gang, and the Kanjiklub enforcers all want a piece of the pie. And, of course, rumors persist of Imperial sympathizers aboard the ships, heeding the call to the deep reaches at the behest of a mysterious new Supreme Leader…


Ashes of The Empire is a new blockbuster LARP from Nerdy City set in a galaxy far, far away! We will be going all-out with lighting, sound, and set design to bring you into this world. We will be working with you to create costumes and characters that will further deepen your immersion! T-shirts and sneakers are not permitted! But never fear, we will do our best to help you become the smuggler, senator, or bounty hunter of your dreams. Here we will be establishing character relationships, developing ship crews (there will be multiple vessels) and setting the stage for the story to come.

Join us at Dexcon 2016!